There are a few dependancies for Project Lima to work, here they are with a link to their own documentation:

  1. jquery: This allows us to use jquery in the JS.
  2. @chenfengyuan/datepicker - : A simple jQuery datepicker plugin.
  3. sass-mediaqueries - : This is how we create media queries within our sass files.
  4. @vivid-web/flexboxgrid-sass - : Flexboxgrid is a modern 12-col grid system based on Bootstrap. It is written in Sass, a flexible and robust css preprocessor. The Flexboxgrid is written according the BEM methodology.
  5. slick-carousel - : Fully responsive jquery based slider.
  6. input-range-scss - : Sass component for customizing the input range.
  7. picturefill - : Responsive image polyfil, allowing us to use srcset on images and also the picture element
  8. Vanilla Lazyload - : Lazyload package
  9. SimpleLightbox - : Lightbox package